RMG Improves Flagshooter’s Production By 20%

Recently, Paul Carrette of Flagshooter, Inc. came to RMG looking to increase production when processing Bright Basic 0.065 wire. The wire has a tensile strength of over 150K, so our Lewis Series Model 1SHVF Straightener was a great fit. Troy McCabe got to work adapting a unit on our assembly floor to include tooling sized for the specific diameter needed. We followed up with an invitation for the Flagshooter team to come to RMG to be present for machine testing and to further ensure their specific application requirements were met, while also receiving training on the machine.

Through this process, we were able to improve Flagshooter’s production by 20% by utilizing our equipment that is faster, has better payoff and an arbor for his specific application.

This personalized approach ensures our solutions match exactly what the customer needs to boost processes and productivity.

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